Vacation Role Plays – Keeping It Safe | Role Playing Games

Let us say that one of your favorite role plays to have fun with your partner is the one where you go into a bar and flirt with all the guys there, only to go home with your boyfriend at the end of the evening. This is a common role playing game that couples like to do. You know that you’re going home with him, and can take a few liberties that you might not be forward enough to try if you really were flirting with strangers. Knowing that he’s watching you makes you feel special and safe.

For guys, it’s the hot excitement of watching your girl rub up against a guy, flirt a little, and knowing at the end of the evening she’s coming home with you. This voyeuristic approach to foreplay is very common among couples who are comfortable with each other, and have few hang ups around jealousy.

If, however, you are traveling in another country on vacation, you may want to rethink this type of sexual fantasy play. You could find yourself in hot water or real danger if you are unaware of the local customs.

If you are traveling out of the country, be aware that Americans are the most lax about dating and courtship. In Japan or Korea, It is till expected that the male make the first moves and pay for all of the drinks. Coming onto a guy in a Japanese bar is considered very bad manners for a woman.

In Australia, it’s the other way around. Women often take the initiative and even are expected to pay. To have your boyfriend be the one to make the first move on a girl could get him beat up out back (no pun intended, but if the shoe fits…)

Local customs vary from region to region in the States as well. The south is still pretty old school, if you’re planning to flirt with the guys in the bar and then go home with your boyfriend, think twice, it could end up in a fight.

Up north and in college towns are the best places to play this game. College pubs and taverns offer a wide selection of cute guys, and they drink a lot and same for the women. If this type of role play is your favorite, try a college town. Large parties and gatherings outside are not a good place to play the game, especially if there are secluded places, as in camping or beach parties. Never play the game in an area where you could be lead off and your boyfriend can’t find you.

Always stay in the bar and make sure he knows where you are at all times. Using eye signals to let him know that you are going to the ladies room is effective, and have a signal that means things have gone too far and you need to get out of there. It is best to keep the drinking to a minimum when you are playing the game. Know your surroundings, the local customs, have signals, stay sober and be alert. These are the musts for having fun and going home hot.

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